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"Intuitive Selling blazes a new trail into the customer's heart with innovative ideas designed to build trust, cement relationships, and create a larger platform for repeat business. "

-Gerhard Gschwandtner
Publisher Selling Power Magazine

"There are hundreds of sales books out there. You could read them could simply read this one. Intuitive Selling is one of the most comprehensive sales training books from start to finish that you will find. Read it, use it and learn from it."

-Michael Corcoran
Corcoran Consulting, Inc.

"Finally, a sales book that not only makes you a better sales person, but better in life. Thomas Wood-Young is obviously very well-rounded in his knowledge; he discusses the fundamentals of building motivation, how to handle objections, the how-tos of Web site marketing, and sales tips for technical professionals with equal clarity and impact. Because of his holistic approach to self-improvement, I felt that I was not only better prepared to excel in my job, but will now be able to seek out and meet new challenges more easily. "

-Josh Krist
Content Manager